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Artificial Intelligence has entered the copywriting sphere. I repeat: AI is in the building! 

Jarvis (also known as is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool brought to you by entrepreneur Dave Rogenmoser. It’s basically an intelligent online writer that can create persuasive text based on a series of prompts that you feed it. The tool is promising. It’s potentially a lifesaver for anyone who’s spent hours brainstorming copy for Facebook Ads, Emails, Headlines, and so on. 

But is worth it? More importantly, could Jarvis be the end of copywriters everywhere? 

As busy business owners, we’d take any opportunity to shave a few hours off our schedule. So we signed up for a free trial of Jarvis to see if the AI delivers the high-quality copy it promises. 

Here’s all you need to know about, including: 

What (or who) is Jarvis the AI copywriter?

Jarvis is an AI assistant that creates “proven, high converting copy for increased conversions and higher ROI”. In an instant, anyone can generate high-quality copy to use in their ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, and more. It’ll even write your love letters, supposedly. 

According to the website, Jarvis is already being used by more than 10,000 users, including agencies, entrepreneurs, and (sneaky) copywriters. The website itself uses copy written by Jarvis, which is very clever and works quite well as a selling point. 

The copy that Jarvis has written for the website is simple, straight-to-the-point, and catchy. It definitely sold the idea to us – enough to go for the trial, at least. Here are the examples shown on the website: 

I’ll be honest, when I first saw that copy I was simultaneously feeling ecstatic and afraid. Ecstatic because it looked like I’d found a way to fasttrack all of my writing, and afraid because I was worried this would mean the end of copywriting as a job. I’m not going to lie: Jarvis’s copy is great. I would have had no clue that it was written by a robot – it sounds human, relevant, and even witty in some parts. 

So that’s Jarvis. An AI copywriting tool that crafts catchy, persuasive text with just a few prompts. Unlike other AI content writing tools, Jarvis is different because it’s better funded, has a more pleasant interface, and buys out competitors to improve its offering. 

Let’s read on and learn more about its capabilities. 

What can Jarvis do? 

Jarvis’s AI has been trained by copywriters and conversion experts to learn all the fancy formulas used to create catchy, engaging, and persuasive copy and headlines. The tool uses well-known copywriting frameworks like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) to craft its automatic suggestions. These are the same frameworks used by copywriters everywhere – and I suppose they can be automated to a certain extent. Whether that holds up in different contexts, industries, products, and services is a story we’ll dig into a little later.

Jarvis can also be used to write product descriptions, creative stories, Facebook ad headlines, personal or company bios, Google Ads headlines and descriptions, Quora answers, Video titles, Email subject lines, and more. The one thing it doesn’t seem to do – thankfully, for us writers – is create entire blog posts, articles, emails, ebooks, and other long-form content pieces.  

Who is Jarvis for? 

The website claims that Jarvis is perfect for the following audience: 

  • Entrepreneurs – The tool will crank out content fast, which is perfect for time-poor entrepreneurs. 
  • Marketers – The website claims Jarvis will increase conversions on ads, social media, emails, and websites. 
  • Agencies – The ease and speed of Jarvis makes it perfect for agencies that are juggling multiple clients. 

Basically, it’s a great tool for time-poor people who don’t possess an innate knack for writing. If you want to pump out lots of text quickly and without much thought, Jarvis seems to be very useful for that. If you’d rather spend some time digging deep into your customer personas, then Jarvis may not help. It’ll skim over the surface to deliver basic content that appeals to a general audience.

How does Jarvis the AI work?

OK, so how does this AI work exactly? First, you choose what you want Jarvis to write. This is referred to as a ‘template’ and includes the frameworks noted above, as well as all the usual suspects like product descriptions, headlines, bios, Google Ads, and so on. 

Some interesting templates on Jarvis that we’re keen to try are: 

  • Content Improver – Input a piece of content and Jarvis will rewrite it to be more interesting, creative, and engaging.
  • Blog Post Outline – Note the topic and Jarvis will give you lists and outlines perfect for How Tos and Listicle articles. 
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph – Sometimes the intro is the hardest part of an article to write, so we’re genuinely curious about this feature. 
  • Sentence Expander – Take a short sentence and expand into a longer one that’s creative, interesting, and engaging. 
  • Explain it to a child – Rephrase text to make it easily understood by someone as young as a child. 

Once you’ve chosen your skill, Jarvis will ask you to input some data depending on what’s being written. This could be a business tagline, information about your product, and even the tone of voice you want it to use (e.g. clever, professional, friendly). Click the button and voila! Jarvis generates multiple versions of your copy. It’s that easy.

The technology behind Jarvis’s AI

If you want to know more about the technology behind Jarvis, on the backend is a GPT-3 OpenAI API. The GPT-3 is a neural network that first appeared in 2020 and has been said to be transforming the way that content is generated. The AI has been trained with millions of words and can refer back to its training when creating content. It’s also able to continue improving its own learning as users input information. The GPT-3 AI is open source but every call to the API costs money – that’s why Jarvis requires a paid subscription depending on the number of words you need. 

Review: Using Jarvis the AI copywriter

The free trial gives you access to 10,000 words of AI-generated copy for 5 days. After that, you automatically sign up to one of the subscription types. There is a basic, XYZ, and XYZ. You can always cancel before the free trial ends to avoid paying the monthly fee. 

During sign up, the tool will ask for your business name, domain, and how you plan to use the AI (i.e. business use, personal use, and agency use). Once you’re in, you can start digging into what Jarvis has to offer. Let’s start by looking at the templates, undoubtedly the most popular feature of the AI. templates

The templates are ready-to-go XYZ that require a few prompts to generate multiple versions of copy or content. There are different templates for different uses. These are just some examples of the templates you can use: 

As you can see, there’s basically a template for every kind of digital marketing need that’s out there, including SEO, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon, emails, blog posts, and more. This is a digital marketing content writer’s dream. Being able to quickly generate targeted content for each of these uses is fantastic – presuming it all works well. 

This is a very exciting prospect. Let’s try out some of the most popular templates to see how well they can churn out content. 

AIDA framework template

Let’s start with the AIDA framework – a copywriting formula that’s been used since the dawn of advertising. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. If Jarvis can nail this, it’d demonstrate a capability for understanding audiences and delivering focused content that appeals to their needs. 

Let’s see how it goes. This is the input that Jarvis needs to create your AIDA template content: 

We’re going to write from the perspective of a hairdressing business called Lovely Locks. We’ve chosen this business because we want to see whether Jarvis can create content for non-techy businesses that provide a service and don’t just sell products (we’ve already seen its ability to create content selling products in the tech-sphere on the website). 

Here’s what we’ve put in: 

Let’s check out the results… 

And our initial thoughts are… not bad work, Jarvis! The writing is clear, coherent, and definitely doesn’t seem like it’s been written by an AI. We’re impressed. That said, it’s definitely slightly cheesy and generic, written like a very obvious ad. 

Let’s try it with a ‘witty’ tone of voice and see how that changes the output. 

It’s not bad! I mean… the content definitely needs a bit of a tidy up but it’s a great place to start with some ideas. Again, it is a little bit cheesy but maybe that’s something to do with the AIDA framework. Let’s try out one of the other templates and see how that holds up. 

PAS template

This is another one of the popular copywriting templates – Problem Agitate Solution. The template asks for the same input as the AIDA framework. Let’s see how Jarvis advertises Lovely Locks using this template.

Hmmm… we’re not quite sure how well this template holds up with the Lovely Locks business model. There are hints of great copy in there, for sure, but altogether it seems a little mismatched and incoherent. 

There’s a clear trend here: Jarvis is fantastic for providing a starting point, and then it’s up to you to fill in the missing pieces and make the content flow a little better. But let’s not make up our minds too soon. Let’s try one of the other templates. 

Persuasive bullet points

If you’re selling any kind of product or service, you’ll probably be making a landing page to go with it. And landing page text needs to be engaging, persuasive, and drive conversions. Jarvis’s persuasive bullet points template says it can generate persuasive bullet points that can be used for landing pages, emails, and more. If this works well, it could save you a whole lot of time and effort. Let’s give it a try. 

The template asks for the same input as the previous two. This time I’m using a business coaching service with the name of Bryce Donald – he’s the business coach avatar I’ve just created.

Here’s what I’ve inputted:  

And this is what Jarvis has come up with: 

Look, it’s definitely not bad. The bottom content is definitely a lot better than the top, which is definitely not something I would copy and paste straight onto a landing page. It provides good ideas that you can then develop further or use a starting point if you’re stumped and don’t know where to begin. 

I decided to ask Jarvis to output another two content pieces to see how it goes with creating multiple pieces of content. Does the quality hold up or start to waver after a few suggestions? 

You know what, it’s still not bad. The AI is definitely taking a stab in the dark in terms of what your business is offering, but it’s clearly been fed multiple suggestions that give it a good idea of what a business coach would do. I’m impressed! 

So, Jarvis definitely seems promising in terms of providing a starting point for ad & landing page copy. Let’s try some of the other templates. 

Personalised cold emails template

Anyone who’s trying to grow their business or do outreach knows how difficult it can be to write cold emails. It takes time, and you often need several variations to experiment and see what works best. So if Jarvis has the power to create awesome personalised cold emails, then that’s definitely a useful feature for any business owner or marketing manager. Let’s give it a shot!

This is the input it’s asked for. I decided to go with Bryce Donald again, because why not? Here’s what I’ve put in, going for a formal tone of voice this time: 

And this is what Jarvis came up with… 

I’ve gotta say, I love how Jarvis has completely winged it in that second paragraph and made up something about the business approach. It’s creative and can be really helpful in getting someone to define what makes their business different (perhaps stealing ideas from Jarvis in the process). I like it! 

The second suggestion was a little more generic but still a great start for something that was generated in mere seconds: 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this suggestion (besides Jarvis getting the business name wrong – but I love a little creativity!) All in all, Jarvis can definitely save a lot of time in generating cold emails and reaching out to clients. 

Now let’s see how Jarvis’s skills translate in the world of blog writing… 

Blog post intro paragraph template

While a blog intro is generally short, it can be the hardest part of a blog to write. If Jarvis can take the hard work and time out of whipping up an engaging introduction to an article, then that’s fantastic news. Let’s see how it goes!

This is the input it asks for the blog post intro writing. 

I’m gonna go a little META and ask it to write an intro for this exact article I’m writing right now: 

Here’s my input: 

And these are the intros Jarvis came up with: 

To be honest, the first result is not bad. ‘What if’ is an intriguing start to any article. Not so sure about that second intro, which is quite presumptuous with the affiliate program and all. Again, another example of how Jarvis can present you with some ideas that you can then build upon to create your own content. 

I thought I’d give Jarvis another chance with the intro paragraph. Here’s what it delivered: 

Again, Jarvis provides a great base that you can then build upon. It’s a little generic, a little cheesy, but definitely saves you time on coming up with ideas yourself by providing some kind of starting point. Would I copy and paste any of these intros straight into a blog article? Definitely not. But they definitely provide some creative ideas. 

Content improver template

OK. So what if you can write, but your writing is not that great? Jarvis has a content improver tool for that purpose. This would be another life changing feature if it works well, so let’s give it a go and see how it improves the content we feed in. 

I’m going to input a paragraph from a Sydney Morning Herald article about free diving. 

As it turns out, the word count is tapped at 400 words, so you can forget about using this tool to improve entire blog posts or even paragraphs. But let’s see what it comes up with what I’ve got there. 

The first suggestion is really quite good. It seems to have completely rewritten the article in its own words and provided somewhat of a new angle. This is actually a lifesaver for SEO where you may want to recreate pieces of content but avoid having duplicate content on your website. Just pop in the (400 word) paragraph here and be rewarded with a whole new rewrite. 

The other suggestion is not as great and actually quite confusing: 

It starts off well and then turns into an overly verbose explanation of freediving. Still, it’s not bad considering it was created in mere seconds by a robot. 

Is Jarvis / worth the money?

We could keep reviewing Jarvis all day, but it’s time to cut this review short and leave you with something to explore and find out for yourself. So let’s cut to the chase: is Jarvis worth the money you have to pay for a subscription? 

How much does Jarvis cost? comes with three different pricing plans, each capped by word count and offering different features. 

  • The Starter plan costs $29USD per month and caps at 20,000 words. This is the one that I’ve reviewed using the free trial, and it can only create short-form copy. 
  • The Pro version costs a much higher $109USD per month and can be used for long-form content like entire blog posts and ebooks. 
  • Finally, Boss Mode is $119USD per month, with unlimited words and the ability to write 2x faster as well as ‘use the Jarvis Command to direct the AI to write exactly what you need’. I’m unsure what that exactly means, but perhaps I’ll explore this more in-depth in the next review. 

It’s worth noting that the cheapest plan allows for unlimited users while both the Pro and Boss Mode plans include only 1 user and each additional user costs $40/$50 respectively. 

Will Jarvis/ save you money?

Now, whether or not Jarvis is worth the money entirely depends on: 

  • Your current skill as a writer,
  • How much you pay existing writers,
  • How good your current writers are,
  • The amount of content you need created,
  • The quality you need your content to be (i.e. some businesses are happy to churn out subpar content and are more interested in quantity than quality), and
  • How you’ll be using Jarvis. 

If you currently spend hours writing content and struggle with the brainstorming/creativity aspect, Jarvis will provide a great baseline for you to go from. You’ll quickly be able to access different angles, wording, and perspectives that you can then use to create your ads, blogs, or whatever it is you need written. In that sense, it can save you money in the sense of saving you time spent writing articles. 

If you have someone else doing the content for you, and you plan on replacing them with Jarvis, I wouldn’t recommend it. Firstly, while Jarvis definitely creates amazing content for a robot, it’s still not always entirely human-sounding. The words the AI writes definitely require revision, rewriting, and moulding to suit the context or personality of your brand. In that sense, you’ll still need a copywriter to rework the content into something usable – unless you plan on doing it yourself. 

Can you trust Jarvis to create longform content?

It’s hard for us to judge since we haven’t seen his long-form results, but going by the short-form content it’s created, at the very least it would provide a starting point for you to then rework. Whether that helps save time, in the end, will depend on your ability to rework writing. For some, it’s much harder to reimagine existing content than to create content from scratch. For others, it’s good to have a starting point that you can then build your own ideas upon. Again, this will depend entirely on your capabilities and how much extra time you’re willing to spend reworking content for Jarvis. 

Final thoughts on Jarvis the AI copywriter

Let’s summarise our thoughts on Jarvis and what we’ve learned from using the free trial: 

  • Jarvis provides a great starting point for content and ads that you can then expand upon yourself. This can help save you time, make you more productive, and increase your creativity when writing, 
  • Jarvis won’t replace your current content writers or copywriters. It can help them to churn content out faster, but it’s not a copy & paste solution,
  • That said – Jarvis is incredibly intelligent, coherent, and creative for an AI. It will help you find new ideas, angles, phrasing, and language to use, therefore expanding your potentiality as a writer,
  • Almost everything Jarvis creates will require some form of tweaking and editing, even just minor changes,
  • Not everything Jarvis writes will be relevant to your brand positioning, target audience, product, or service, as it doesn’t always take that information in through the prompts. You may be presented with content that’s not in line with your offerings, but you can always edit to change that,
  • Jarvis is great for agencies and entrepreneurs who need to churn out lots of content, quickly. It generates text within seconds, and if you’re someone who values quantity over quality then this will be an absolute lifesaver,
  • Whether or not Jarvis is worth the money you pay per month is entirely up to you, your current skill set, who currently creates content/copy for your brand, and how much you’re willing to improve upon the text it generates. 

Will we be paying for Jarvis? Not yet. As experienced content writers with years in the industry, we’ve wired our brains to churn out words almost as fast as the AI, only with a more human touch. That said, we’re not downplaying Jarvis’s intellect and capabilities – it’s truly an amazing piece of technology. So amazing that it terrifies us to think that our job may be replaced by a robot!

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