Blogging is the act of contributing to a blog.

Blogs are a shortened form of the term ‘weblog’, a word that refers to users logging in the details of their life in journal-style entries. Blogging originally started as a way for individuals to self-publish their thoughts, ideas, stories, and lives in a diary-style online entry. The ability for readers to comment on blog posts created engagement and spurred the way for small communities to form around blogs as they became more popular and got more traffic. These days, blogs are no longer just used by individuals but are a popular digital marketing strategy used by businesses on their websites. Blogging is not only a way to market a business and expand its online visibility, but can also be a business in and of itself. Popular blog owners can monetise their blogs through brand partnerships, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and more.

The term ‘blogging’ refers to the action of frequently updating a blog, maintaining contact with readers, and contributing to a blog with posts, photographs, videos, articles, and more. There can be may different types of blogs depending on the content being shared. Some will be more photo-heavy while other blogs will be mainly text. There are travel blogs, cooking blogs, wellness blogs, homemaking blogs, and more. When it comes to business blogs, they will mainly focus on providing interesting, valuable, and informative content for the target audience. Business blogs can provide how-to articles, reviews, information on relevant topics, listicles, and more.

Blogging is an important part of any content marketing strategy. They have been shown to be incredibly valuable for search engine optimisation, maintaining communication & creating rapport with consumers, building authority around a topic or industry, and creating interesting or valuable content to share on social media channels.