Landing page

A landing page is a standalone webpage that is specifically created and used as part of a digital marketing or advertising campaign. They are designed with a specific goal or focus in mind, for example, to prompt a user to buy something, get a quote, make contact, or sign up for an email newsletter. The single goal or focus of a landing page is known as a call-to-action.

There are many different types of landing pages with different goals and purposes. Lead-generation landing pages usually offer a free product, such as a webinar, ebook, whitepage, trial, or contest entry, in return for a customer’s email or contact information. The purpose of landing page copywriting is to convince and persuade visitors that it is worth their while to trade their contact information for the free product. Landing pages can also be designed to persuade users to buy or purchase a particular product, with no other distracting links or information. Here, the purpose of the landing page text will be to slowly nurture the visitor, speak to their pain points, and show them that the product is something they need.

Users will usually ‘land’ on a landing page after clicking a link from a marketing email, social media post, or advertisement. Because landing pages are designed with a single goal or focus in mind, they are very successful at increasing conversion rates and decreasing cost of acquisition for a lead or a sale. One of the main differentiation points between a landing page and a regular webpage is that they don’t have any website navigation. This way, the user has no option but to follow the page, read the information provided, and take the call-to-action, without being distracted or led astray through external links.